December 13, 2007

Manawatu ODE

Had a great day up at Aokautere. I was delivering Spice to her new owner, Kate - and had entered them in the PreTraining which they won! I was so stoked. They're a fantastic combination and I'm so happy to see them already bringing home the ribbons (only the second time Kate had ridden Spice too).

Silvi had a good day - popped around the Training like it was nothing. Another look at the water, but that's just going to take some more exposure. In the end she came 3rd, which is her first time placing in a Training class - so again, very happy with that result!

Neo had his first competition - just the Intro. He was happy to do all of the strange things I asked (walk into a dressage arena, warm up amongst other horses, trot through water), sometimes he was a bit nervous but put on a pretty brave face for his first event. He didn't come home with a ribbon, but I was still very pleased with him.