December 30, 2007

XC practise at BH

Neo headed out to Battle Hill to do some XC schooling on Friday. He's still working on his fitness (so not a naturally fit horse!), so we didn't do heaps - but pottered around a few different types of jumps for him to have a look. Another girl was riding Silvi and he kept calling out to her (can't wait for him to grow out of that habit - even if it is kinda cute).

He went straight into the water, hopped up the staircase, did several skinny fences and generally was just happy to be out there jumping. I was stoked with how well he did - especially the skinny fences as we haven't done any sort of schooling for them. I got back to the truck and Nick & Brad had turned up - so I quickly got them to come nab a few shots (poor Neo, dragged back to the XC again).

Sailing over the training ramp, and hopping up the little bank:

Dropping straight into the water, and over the open fish jump (even while getting unintentionally hooked in the mouth - what a good boy he is to me):

Very pleased with his attitude, and can't wait to get a few more competitions under his belt. Roll on 2008!