December 22, 2007


Took Dan and Scuba over to Battle Hill so they could have a look around somewhere different, and also (mostly) so they could have some flat land to do some work on. Dan loaded well (once I held a handful of food out for him) and travelled like an angel.

Dan has had about 6 weeks down at a friends place eating grass and having a break. I got him back earlier in the week and today was his second ride since coming back. I was absolutely wrapped with him! He was so much stronger and more balanced, and even good when some kids on ponies hooned past bareback (that's what he's staring at in the pic below):

His canter work was like riding a different horse, much more balanced. I mean, it wasn't perfect - but it was about 20 steps in the right direction. He wasn't dragging me around on the forehand and his transitions were really clean too:
Overall I'm just so pleased with him. He seems to be enjoying the work too:
I'm really looking forward to taking him to some competitions now!!