August 05, 2006


The ferry got in on time (10.30pm) and the truck rolled up just after 11pm - we met at the corner of a nearby road as the transporter was too big to easily get up the driveway. Silvi unloaded very happily and stood calmly with my not-overly-horsey flatmate while we re-loaded one of the other horses. We used Paul from Elite horse transport, and I was very happy with the condition Silvi arrived in, as well as Paul's manner with the horses and the price was pretty good too.

So then I had to lead Silvi down the road, Swifty following us in the car with the headlights on so we could see. She was a little pushy and interested in what was going on in the surrounding paddocks, but very quiet. Popped her in a yard so she could settle, and offered her a drink (which she wasn't keen on). I can't remember what height she was advertised as, but she looked bigger than I expected, with a wither that doesn't inspire me to do anything bareback on her anytime soon, or at all!

She was pretty laid back about everything, so after some carrots and apples we took her through to the paddock where she could meet Missy over the fence and have a rest, but she really seemed more interested in grass than anything else.

My truck has passed it's CoF and should come down on Sunday, and then I'll have all my gear back and we can start working with Silvi and see what we can make of her.