August 31, 2006


Thanks so much to Kerry and Pippy for sending up the myler comfort snaffle! I tried it on Silviapples today and it was very interesting. She didn't chew the bit nearly as much, and I noticed her mouth wasn't open as much during my ride (though I think she might do well to have a flash strap on at least occasionally)... but the bit felt quite strong. For about the first 5 mintues I could barely take any contact without Apples halting or even going straight backwards. But she did get accustomed to it pretty quickly and by the end of the ride was taking up a really nice (but still very soft) contact and I did feel she was working a lot better than in the eggbut snaffle.

She did throw a huge tanty today when I tried to take her up the driveway, but a few strong words and a little bit of perserverance and she was trotting happily right to the gate by the road, and happily past the float covered in a flapping tarp.

Also someone had left up 6 trotting poles, with the middle 4 raised quite high (about 30cm), I took Apples through twice. The first time she touched one and cantered the rest, but the second time she stretched down a lot more to look at the poles and did a lovely steady and elevated trot through the poles.

So aside from the wee tanty I am very pleased with today. Will ride her again tomorrow in the myler, but I'm pretty sure I will buy one. Speaking of spending, I've taken the morning off work tomorrow to head up to the Saddlery Warehouse sale and stock up on rugs (shires typhoons for only $90!).