August 13, 2006

first canter

On Saturday I went out to the farm to attempt the first canter, I took Pie with me so I'd have a safety person on the ground if anything went wrong - but it turns out she was really great, absolutely no fuss with the canter at all. I was absolutely stoked.

She's totally good with putting the bridle on now as well, takes the bit as soon as it's offered. However she did have another wee tanty - I think part of it is probably that I'm asking her to do quite a lot while she's still very skinny and weak and she's getting tired (so she's having Sunday off and just getting cuddles) and I'm going to up her feeding again and see if we can get some meat covering those ribs.

I'm really pleased with her progress though, we 'ran' into the first canter, but after that every transition was pretty much instant and she would strikeoff happily on both leads so long as I prepared her correctly. Her canter stride feels quite long, but the (ever growing!) bunch of spectators said she looks nice and compact. So here is the photographic proof of the trot and canter!

And seeing as I'm on a photo binge today, photographic proof that she's a cutie.