August 22, 2006

creek crossing

Headed straight out to the farm after work and drove the truck forward so we could open her up (I drove!), then went and got Silvi and loaded her up. She was perfect to load on, but did get annoyed standing up there as Missy was getting a bit angsty and I think they were stressing each other out. So we unloaded her and gave her a pick of grass and gave Missy some carrots until they were both settled again. Then I reversed the truck back into it's spot with Swifty giving directions.

Then we rode, which was generally uneventful - quite a few tantrums. Worked her over some trotting poles on an arc, but she didn't seem to respect them too much today and tripped a few times as she just wasn't listening enough to steady up and look where she was going. But she calmed down in the end, and I took her into her paddock to see if I could ride her over the creek. The first pic is our first approach, and the second pic is cantering/jumping back over the creek after a few more crossings. Gave her a pat and a big feed after that.

As always we ended on a good note, it seems the worse her tantrums are at the start of the ride, the better she is by the end of it.