August 05, 2006

straight to work

Straight to work, but not on the horse. Wendy's place has a roundpen, but it hasn't really been maintained - so I had a chat to one of the other ladies there and was okayed to do some work on leveling it out. In the end I got most of it done, but certainly ready for a rest! Pics of the roundpen before I got to it, and then during the leveling-

Also a few pics of Silvi in the daylight. She was easy to catch, and then I lead her through the stream a few times, she was a bit tentative, but quite willing to follow so long as I went first!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri - glad she has arrived Ok
Big Ears Aunty

perfk said...

I just found out that she made part of the journey on a trailer float too! sounds like she's a laid back traveller at least!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri - great to see that Silvi arrived fit and well. She certainly looks happy in her new surroundings. I wish you all the best and I will keep an eye out on this page to see your progress! Tracy

Anonymous said...