August 19, 2006

still not clipped

Well, clipping the other day didn't go as planned. First Silviapples was a bit naughty, took about 10 minutes to settle (and she settled really well), but then the blades weren't really sharp enough and all the spare blades were even worse, so we had to give up and re-book for Saturday. No worries, I don't mind having a horse with 2 little clipped patches on her shoulders.

Rode on Friday and she was so naughty when I got on, being a right little dick - then about 15 minutes into it all it was like a switch flipped and she was going brilliant, was like riding a schooled horse, I could really push her up into the bridle and her bend on the right rein was improving too. Very stoked with that.

So along comes today - and clipping can't go ahead for a variety of reasons (including wet everything! stupid weather), so we just took the truck for a drive into Johnsonville to put in some diesel and move where it's parked at the farm.