August 07, 2006

saddle up

I started my new working hours today (8am-2pm, then finish my day later at night logged on from home) - it's going to be really good to get out to the farm in daylight hours (as daylight as it gets in this rotten weather anyway). Today I got out and tidied the truck a bit so I could actually find things again, then caught Silvi. I'd been a bit worried that she might overheat in the winter rug, but she was fine and I suspect quite enjoying being dry!

I popped the Isabell dressage saddle on her today, but it didn't really want to sit right - will have to change to a wider gullet and see if that makes any difference. Also need to try my other two saddles on her - might try that tomorrow (ran out of time today). Silvi was good with the saddle getting put on, and I gave her a wee lunge with the stirrups down (which didn't bother her at all), however she got a bit grumpy when I kept her going for more than a few circles, but not too bad all up.

Added oil and molasses to her feed starting today, hopefully I'll have a few days before it kicks in too much to back her easily.