August 15, 2006


I got out there today and she'd finished what was in her haynet, and wasn't back over the other side of the creek, but was sort of paddling in it.

Saddled her up (perfect with the bridle again) and got on her in the yard - she's now standing very still for me as I scramble aboard from the fence. Took her into the arena and did some walk and trot, there were some poles out too (just 4 single trotting poles, on a circle) and she went over those. She seemed better at the trot as she seems to be more focused. She was a bit nappy again, but no tantrums at all today. Very happy with the poles though - she trotted cleanly over them and didn't stumble or anything annoying.

Clipping has been delayed a little, not sure till when exactly though.