August 16, 2006


Ordered feed from Actionfeeds today, and managed to sneak in just before their delivery time. 5% discount due to being referred by a friend too. Awesome.

Was a really sunny day out there too - so I took Missy's rug off and then caught Silviapples. Was a pretty uneventful ride today, but I feel like she's trusting me a fair bit more - like I can be a bit firmer with my requests without her freaking out or getting confused. Also walked her up the driveway a bit just so she had some new scenery. Hoping to ride somewhere different this weekend too, but will need to have someone with me just for safety (as we'll probably have to go on the road). Also need to take the truck for a drive this weekend.

Popped Silviapples in the stable while I was tidying up after the ride too, and she seemed pretty settled, so should be fine in there tomorrow during the day before her clipping! (exciting).